in Houston, TX Define your future and gain financial freedom and
peace of mind through business investment
Investment Advisor and
Entrepreneurial Consultant
in Houston, TX Define your future and gain financial freedom and
peace of mind through business investment
Investment Advisor and
Entrepreneurial Consultant

Helping our clients create the financial future they envision

Martha Mendez is a consultant, coach, and advisor for investors and entrepreneurs in areas that include:

Real Estate



Our services are tailored to your individual goals, providing deep insights to help you assure your financial future, grow your savings, and create a lasting legacy.

See the investment success you desire

iMendez is not an investment firm in the traditional sense. Instead, we work with each client individually, providing expert coaching to help you to generate sustainable wealth and open up new potential for financial growth. Contact us directly to learn more.


Put your money to work for you! We will help you build a diverse and reliable high-return portfolio.

Real Estate

Commercial properties are our specialty and a sustainable foundation to build on.

Logistics and Procurement

Our proven expertise in logistics and procurement will open the door to your financial future.

Legal and Financial Advice and Coaching

Learn how to maximize the value of your investments while minimizing capital gains tax.

Generate the investment success you desire. Reach out today to set up a call.

About Martha Méndez

Martha Méndez is a successful entrepreneur and a highly respected professional in the logistics industry. She began her career in 1986 as a customer service representative and advanced quickly through the ranks, gaining experience in several industry niches, including oil and gas, logistics, and international import and export. Having advanced to the executive suite and expanded her knowledge of international markets, she purchased Jamar Shipping, Inc., rebranding as DTS World Cargo Services.

Martha Méndez

I want to help you succeed

Working with me is easy. I am attentive, empathetic, friendly, and approachable—but make no mistake, I will always tell it like it is. I have achieved incredible financial success in several areas, and I sincerely desire to help others do the same.

But ultimately, it’s all about you. Where do you see yourself in five, ten, or 20 years? I want to help you get there and will work closely with you until you see the results you want.

The Process

We start with a personal evaluation

We will talk about your financial goals and get to know each other to ensure we are a good fit.
Step 1

Goal setting

This is a strategy session, where we’ll establish a timeline and milestones based on your objectives.
Step 2


I coach you and make suggestions for action, which you are then tasked with completing.
Step 3

Reviews and evaluations

Each week, we’ll schedule short evaluations to check in and discuss your results and set new goals.
Step 4

Throughout the process, I am always looking to gain insight from things you can’t see in your evaluations. It’s about reading between the lines and removing barriers to growth. My experience is your asset here; I apply an outside-the-box approach that ensures you don’t miss an opportunity.

For me, it’s about relationships. It’s about sharing with others what I already know. My story has been described as meteoric, but it’s not impossible. I made my dreams happen, and I know I can help you do this too.

Expertise and Focus

My clients come to me because they trust my expertise and proven track record of success in various industries. I am considered a subject matter expert and thought leader in my field, and I want to share that with you.

But I could not do this alone! I have built several high-performing teams in several key areas in order to offer professional support in every area of expertise.

My team is made up of:

Marketing Professionals


and Experts in Name and Brand Licenses and registration


Financial Institutions

Customs Agencies

International Importers/Exporters

Procurement Professionals

in the Oil and Mining Industries[LM1]

We put together groups of investors with common goals and create a vehicle for sustainable growth. If you are interested in participating or just getting started with real estate and business investment, we can show you how.

We put your money to work for you. Set up a call today to learn how.

Why iMendez?

Working with Martha and her team is unlike any other investment or wealth coaching service. We are authentic, reliable, bold, and generous with our advice, and our only goal is to see you achieve the financial freedom and peace of mind you desire.


years of experience in Logistics and Air Certifications


years of investment success


years dedicated to personal development

Connect with us today, and discover what’s possible.